Due to the CoVid19 pandemic, we have decided to celebrate the achievements of our priority programme in form of an online meeting that will take place online from March 29th-31st 2021.

Registration for passive participatione is still possible and free of charge.

Yana Bodnar, Clara Ortegon Salas, Manuela Gellert, and Christopher Horst Lillig (organisation committee)

Confirmed speakers

  • Elias Arnér
  • Katja Becker (welcome address)
  • Seva Belousov
  • Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet
  • Christina Furdui
  • Ursula Jakob
  • Christian Lindermayr
  • Joris Messens
  • Leslie Poole
  • Rafael Radi
  • Nicolas Rouhier
  • Michel Toledano


To register for the conference, please fill in the following form in docx or odt format and send it by mail to: